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Dental Implants in Kent – the benefits

At Staplehurst Dental, we provide our patients with an open flow of information about the treatments we have available. We want you to know the benefits and challenges of any treatment in advance, so that you can make a decision about the best option for you.

dental-implants-in-kentWhen you are considering dental implants in Kent, it is worth knowing that it is a long-term decision that will affect your quality of life in many ways. In the short term however, the work can be quite extensive and the healing period is relatively long. For around about eight weeks you will need to be on a very limited diet to help the implants to settle into their positions without disturbance. That being said, let’s look at some of the fantastic benefits they can offer.

Practical improvement

The first and primary benefit is the return of much of the functionality of your teeth. You will be able to smile, eat and speak with confidence, as dental implants are a fixed solution that, once the whole process is complete, you do not have to spend a lot of time getting used to. They work closely with your jaw bone to imitate natural movement.

Cosmetic improvement

If you are concerned about the way you look with gaps in your teeth, then dental implants provide an obvious solution.

However, did you know that having them inserted can also prevent deterioration of the jaw bone through lack of use? The jaw bone reacts to having the implants inserted by growing around them and then the continued forces that the chewing motion produces keep everything stimulated and healthy long term. Avoiding jaw bone loss can prevent the face taking on a sunken look due to deterioration.

Hygiene improvement

You get better all-round oral hygiene when you have a full set of teeth which reduces your risk of infections and makes your teeth easier to take care of.You will need to have a conscientious hygiene routine to look after your dental implants and your remaining teeth. When you choose to have dental implants in Kent at Staplehurst Dental, we will give you all the advice we can to make this integration an easy and effective process.

Posted on: November 10th, 2016 by Staplehurst Dental Practice