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How dental implants work – a guide to permanent tooth replacement

Dental implants are the only permanent way a dentist can replace your missing teeth. At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent we can use implants to replace one, some, or all of your natural teeth. The results will be a new set of teeth that look and act just like their natural counterparts.

dental-implants-kentBenefits of choosing dental implants

There are numerous benefits to choosing dental implants over other tooth replacement options – standard bridgework and dentures. A traditional dental bridge requires healthy, strong adjacent teeth that are free from large fillings for support, and often necessitates the destruction of healthy tooth structure for crowns to be placed.

An implant-retained bridge needs no work on surrounding teeth, getting all the support it needs from your dental implants. More teeth can also be placed on an implant-retained bridge – in some cases a full arch of teeth can be supported by a few implants in this way.

Patients who wear traditional dentures often come to our Kent dental practice complaining that their false teeth, which once fitted snugly, have become increasingly loose, affecting their speech and diet, and devastating their confidence. Loose dentures are caused at least in part by resorbtion of the jaw bone, which happens when the tooth roots are missing.

Dental implants replace the roots of the teeth, holding a denture, crown, or bridge securely in place and helping to prevent bone loss. At our Kent dental practice we can use implants to stabilise your dentures, enabling you to eat, speak, smile and socialise with new-found confidence.

Kent dental implants

Most patients at our Kent dental practice only require local anaesthetic for the placement of dental implants, although your dentist can also provide this treatment under sedation if you are anxious, undergoing a longer procedure, or have a very strong gag reflex.

Sometimes you can have new teeth fitted at the same appointment, while in other cases it is best to leave your implants to heal for a few months. Your dentist may fit temporary teeth in this case.

After healing, your implants and crowns, dentures, or bridge will give all the function of natural teeth.

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How dental implants can change your life for the better

Dental implants can have a massively positive impact on many aspects of your life. At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent we welcome patients with missing teeth, those who are struggling with loose-fitting dentures, and those whose natural teeth are failing, for implant consultations.

dental-implantsThe wonder of dental implants

One of the most exciting developments of modern dentistry, dental implants are replacements for the root portions of missing teeth. Most patients at our Kent dental practice only need local anaesthetic for this procedure, although if you are nervous about visiting the dentist or are having several implants fitted, we also offer treatment under conscious sedation.

After they have been placed in direct contact with your jaw bone, your dental implants will form a strong bond with said bone, and will provide a firm anchor for a crown, bridge, or denture to be attached, whilst simultaneously helping to prevent bone loss.

A shrinking jaw bone is the primary reason people who wear traditional dentures often struggle with their teeth becoming loose. By choosing dental implants, you can help to prevent common denture woes including:

  • Difficulty speaking clearly
  • Problems with eating anything but soft foods
  • Loss of confidence if teeth become so loose they start to fall out unexpectedly.

Dental implants are designed to be a permanent way to replace your missing teeth. As long as you take good care of them, and visit our Kentdental practice for regular follow-up and maintenance appointments, your implants and the new teeth attached to them should last your for many years – often for the rest of your life.

All-on-4 dental implants

All-on-4 dental implants are growing rapidly in popularity at our Kent clinic. As the name suggests, your dentist places just four implants in your jaw to support a full arch of teeth. In this case, your new teeth – in the form of a dental bridge – will be fitted at the same time as your implants.

It really is possible to walk into our Kent practice with missing or failing teeth in the morning and walk out again later that same day with a jaw full of brand new teeth.

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What makes dental implants the best solution to missing teeth?

Dental implants offer a safe, modern, and predictable solution to tooth loss. At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent we can use implants, combined with crowns, a bridge, or dentures, to replace anything from one to all of your natural teeth.

dental-implants-kentWe are always keen to stress the importance of replacing any missing teeth promptly at our Kent dental practice, and in many cases we find that dental implants are the best way to do so, not just in terms of aesthetic appearance but also for functionality and longevity.

If you are considering dental implants for tooth replacement, you may have some questions about how treatment works. Below are some common questions and answers on the subject of implants; if you can’t find an answer to your question here, please get in touch with a member of the team at our Kent clinic and we will be more than happy to help.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots. They are small titanium screws or posts that your dentist places in direct contact with your jaw bone in a minor operation, carried out here at our Kent clinic. After your implants have healed and meshed with your jaw bone, they provide a permanent base on to which new teeth will be attached.

Operation? Do I have to go to hospital?

No. We will place your dental implants here at our Kent clinic under local anaesthetic. Any post-operative discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter painkillers and shouldn’t last long, so you won’t need much down time.

Why are dental implants better than traditional dentures and bridges?

Implants are the only permanent way to replace your missing teeth. They are also the only replacement for tooth roots, meaning they don’t just hold your teeth firmly in place, they also help to prevent your jaw bone shrinking. This is one of the main reason traditional dentures become loose and unwieldy. The new teeth attached to implants will have similar functionality to a natural set of teeth.

Standard dental bridges rely on adjacent teeth for support. An implant-retained bridge is fully supported by dental implants.

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Teeth straightening without metal braces: your all-in-one guide

Teeth straightening treatment is becoming ever more popular with adults in the UK. At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent we understand that the desire for a beautifully aligned smile can often be countered by the thought of wearing obvious metal braces for months or years – indeed, this can often be such a significant concern that it proves a barrier to treatment. That’s why we have listened to our patients and now offer a number of more discreet orthodontic solutions.

teeth-straighteningThe advantages of teeth straightening

At our Kent practice, we are keen to stress that the advantages of teeth straightening treatment – at any age – are not purely aesthetic. Of course, wanting to improve the way your smile looks may be the driving force that brings you in to see the dentist, but there are many other health benefits to be gained from straightening your teeth, too.

Perhaps the key point to remember is that properly aligned teeth are easier to keep clean. It’s logical, when you think about it; when you reduce the number of gaps and hard-to-reach areas in which food particles can get trapped and plaque bacteria can build up, you can cut your risk of gum disease and tooth decay – the two lead causes of tooth loss.

Improving the position of your bite can also reduce uneven wear and tear on teeth, can help in some cases of bruxism, and can make it easier to eat a healthy diet.

Kent teeth straightening

At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent we use both fixed braces and removable aligners for teeth straightening. When you come for a consultation, your dentist will conduct a clinical assessment and will recommend the best course of treatment for you.

Your Kent teeth straightening options include:

Six Month Smiles

These popular cosmetic braces work in as little as half a year by focussing on the teeth in your smile line. They comprise clear and tooth-coloured parts, so are very subtle.


This system of clear, removable aligners is useful in cases where more substantial correction is required. They fit comfortably over your teeth to guide them to an improved position.

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Using porcelain veneers to create the perfect smile

Porcelain veneers provide an excellent way for your dentist to create a smile makeover, with the minimal amount of preparatory work required on your teeth. At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent we have a skilled team of cosmetic dentists, who enjoy nothing more than seeing the transformation a smile makeover can make to a patient’s body confidence and self-esteem.

porcelain-veneersSome 48% of the UK adult population dislike their current smile, and the biggest complaint is discoloured teeth – 64% of people reported being unhappy with their tooth colour. If you are in any way unhappy with your smile, you are invited to join us at our Kent dental practice for a smile makeover consultation with a cosmetic dentist.

Introducing veneers

A porcelain veneer is a wafer-thin shell of hand-crafted porcelain that your cosmetic dentist can bond over the front surfaces of your teeth to improve their appearance. Whilst teeth whitening is the most popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry and is effective at getting rid of everyday stains such as those caused by tea, coffee, or smoking, many people suffer from permanent tooth discolouration, with dental trauma among the common causes.

Veneers are an excellent way to improve the appearance of permanently discoloured tooth. At our Kent clinic we can use a single veneer to bring one stained tooth more into keeping with the natural colour of the rest of your teeth, or can create a full set to brighten up your entire smile.

Indeed, it’s not just discolouration that veneers can treat; they can be used to mask almost any imperfection. This includes minor spacing issues and small gaps, slight alignment problems, and small cracks or chips in the teeth.

To have a set of veneers fitted requires at least two appointments at our Kent clinic. At the first, your dentist will take impressions and all necessary measurements, and will remove a small amount of enamel from your teeth to aid with the bonding process.

Once your veneers have been created, your Kent dentist will check you are happy with the feel, look, and fit before affixing them with a strong dental bonding agent.

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How dental implants can bring serious benefits to your health and wellbeing

There are more benefits to be gained from dental implants than just recreating an aesthetically appealing smile. At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent our implant dentist can replace one, some, or all of your natural teeth with the help of implants. This restores both your smile and full functionality to your jaw, eliminating many of the common problems experienced by standard denture-wearers.

dental-implants-kentWhether you have lost one tooth, all your teeth are missing or failing, or you are currently struggling with traditional dentures, we invite you to join us at our Kent dental practice to discover how dental implants could change your life for the better.

Dental implants: the health benefits

When many or all of the natural teeth are missing, it is common for the jaw bone to begin to resorb or shrink back. Standard dentures and bridges only replace the crowns of the teeth, not the roots, so won’t prevent this bone loss.

It is bone loss that is the primary cause of dentures becoming loose, which can negatively impact upon your ability to eat a healthy and varied diet (and thus to get proper nutrition, with potentially serious implications for your general health), can make it difficult to speak clearly, and can affect your social life if you are constantly anxious that your dentures could slip out.

A dental bridge is a common replacement for one or two missing teeth, and is a good way to restore much of those teeth’s function. However, a standard bridge requires crowns or wings to be placed on the adjacent teeth, meaning those teeth need to be strong and healthy, and free from big fillings. Those teeth can also be weakened by crown placement.

Implant-retained bridges need no work on surrounding teeth, using your dental implants for support.

At our Kent dental practice, we can sometimes place new teeth at the same time as your dental implants, whilst in other cases a healing period is needed.

Come to our Kent clinic for an implant consultation and you could soon enjoy:

  • Being able to eat whatever you choose
  • Speaking clearly
  • Never fearing denture slippage again.
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Teeth straightening with minimal lifestyle impact

Teeth straightening treatment is beneficial to patients of all ages, and no longer needs to involve metal braces. At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent, we believe that whenever possible dental treatment should fit around your lifestyle. That’s why we are pleased to offer a number of discreet teeth straightening options that will have little impact on your day to day life.

teeth-straighteningAt our Kent practice, we are keen to point out that teeth straightening isn’t only about aesthetics. Straighter teeth are often cleaner teeth, because by reducing the number of gaps and hard to reach areas, you reduce the places that dental plaque can build up.

Teeth straightening can cut your risk of both dental decay and gum disease, with regular visits to your dentist and hygienist and a good home cleaning routine. Because decay and gum disease can lead to tooth loss, which can impact on your ability to eat a balanced, nutritious diet, and because gum disease has been linked to heart disease and other medical conditions, there are numerous good reasons to straighten your teeth.

Kent teeth straightening options

When you come for an orthodontic consultation at Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent, your dentist will conduct a thorough examination to determine the type and amount of correction required, and will then recommend the best course of treatment.

Six Month Smiles

Braces are the staple of teeth straightening treatment, and Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces are designed to work both quickly and subtly on your front six teeth – those that show when you smile.

Unlike metal braces, which can be very obvious in your mouth, Six Month Smiles are made from clear and tooth-coloured components, so they will blend in with your teeth.


Teeth straightening with Invisalign involves the use of a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually move your teeth into better alignment. You can pop your aligners out to eat, drink, clean, and brush your teeth, which means no special dental hygiene practices are required.

Standard Invisalign aligners can correct a wide range of issues. For mild, rapid correction we offer Invisalign i7 at our Kent dental practice.

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Dental implants: a guide to permanent tooth replacement

By using dental implants, a dentist can permanently replace one or more of your natural teeth. At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent we welcome new patients of all ages for implant consultations, no matter why you have lost your teeth, nor how many teeth you have lost.

dental-implants-kentWhy to replace missing teeth (and why dental implants are often the best option)

Teeth should always be replaced, ideally as soon as possible after they are lost. Whether your tooth loss has occurred through decay, gum disease, or through accident or injury, it is always prudent to replace those teeth as quickly as possible.

Obviously, aesthetic concerns arise with tooth loss, particularly if it affects your front teeth. But at our Kent dental practice we are also keen to point out that losing your teeth can lead to numerous other problems.

Remaining teeth are likely to become crooked as they shift into the gaps left behind, and there’s an increased danger you could lose those teeth, too. Additional strain from the forces generated by biting and chewing is also put on the teeth that remain in your mouth.

When you have lost several or all of your teeth, you are likely to experience a loss of bone density. As well as causing problems with dentures, which will start to become loose, unwieldy and uncomfortable, and could even start to drop out unannounced, this can make placing dental implants in the future more complex and time consuming (you may require a bone graft first). These problems can limit your diet, can alter your speech, and can be a significant blow to your confidence.

Dental implants help to prevent these problems, because they replace the tooth roots and support bone growth, thus helping to preserve bone density.

There are several options for treatment with dental implants at our Kent dental practice, including in some cases the ability to place your implants and a full jaw of teeth at the same time.

Each implant case is different, and your options will be discussed when you come to our Kent practice for your consultation.

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Teeth straightening without metal braces: your options

Modern braces don’t have to be made from metal, and can often straighten your teeth more quickly than you might expect. Some of the orthodontic options at Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent don’t even require you to wear a fixed brace at all. If you are interested in more discreet methods of teeth straightening, why not join us for a consultation?

teeth-straightening-kentTeeth straightening treatment at any age has many benefits, and we’re not just talking about the cosmetic gains to be had from improving the alignment of your teeth. Using braces or aligners can also reduce your risk of dental decay and gum disease by making your teeth easier to clean, can help to protect front teeth from accidental damage, and can seriously boost your confidence.

At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent, our orthodontic treatment is provided by Dr Jan Einfeldt, a leading cosmetic dentist who is only one of only 12 clinical instructors in the Six Month Smiles system of cosmetic braces in the world. Whatever your needs, Dr Einfeldt will find the perfect, customised solution to suit your individual needs.

Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces are just one of the discreet orthodontic options available at our Kent dental practice. This brace system is designed for rapid correction of mild to moderate aesthetic issues affecting the front six teeth – those that show when you smile.

Unlike standard braces, with Six Month Smiles you won’t have a mouth full of metal. Comprising tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires and clear ceramic brackets, Six Month Smiles are designed to blend in with the natural colour of your teeth. What’s more, they have average treatment times of just half a year.

For those who need more extensive correction, we also offer treatment with Invisalign clear aligners at our Kent dental practice. Unlike braces, Invisalign aligners are removable, meaning you can take them out to eat, drink, clean, and brush your teeth. This makes it easier to maintain dental hygiene for the duration of treatment.

Your dentist will prescribe you with the required number of aligners, which you change every two weeks as your teeth move. At the end of treatment you will need to wear a retainer.

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Dental implants: the 21st Century teeth replacement option

More and more people are turning to dental implants to replace their missing teeth. At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent, our implant dentists can replace one, some, or even all of your teeth with the help of implants. In some cases, your permanent new teeth can be attached to your implants straight away, in a procedure known as “All-on-4”.

dental-implants-kentAs the name hints at, All-on-4 dental implants treatment involves placing just four implants in the upper or lower jaw, on to which a dental bridge is attached. Some patients will require more than four implants to support a full bridge of teeth, and not everyone is suitable for this procedure. Your dentist will discuss your suitability for All-on-4 implants when you come for a consultation at our Kent dental practice.

Dental implants in Kent

At your implant consultation, your dentist will assess your suitability for dental implants and will check your level of bone density to make sure you don’t need additional procedures to rebuild your jaw bone prior to implant placement.

The placement of dental implants requires a small operation, which we are fully equipped to carry out here at our Kent practice. Thanks to the intricate planning that is undertaken prior to implant placement, most patients only require local anaesthetic for implant surgery. Any post-operative discomfort and swelling should only last a few days, and is usually manageable with over-the-counter painkillers.

Patients who are suitable for All-on-4 dental implants will have their new teeth fitted at the same appointment. Those who opt for standard implant treatment will need a healing period, after which you will be called back to our Kent practice to have new teeth – a bridge, denture, or a crown – attached to the abutments on top of your implants.

The advantages of implants

Dental implants have numerous advantages over standard dentures and bridges. Because they replace the tooth roots, and are made from titanium, they help to prevent bone loss. They hold your new teeth firmly in place just like natural tooth roots do, enabling you to eat what you like, speak and smile with confidence.

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