Six Month Smiles Clear Braces & Teeth Straightening


Can adults get braces too?

We help hundreds of patients every year achieve beautiful smiles in Kent. Braces are without question a brilliant option for anyone who is looking for straighter teeth & an improved smile.

We have an increasing number of adults coming to us every year looking for braces in Kent, so braces are definitely not just for kids and teenagers.

braces-in-kentMany people want to improve their teeth, but as adults they feel self-conscious about wearing braces, they think they will only be able to have the traditional ‘train tracks’ fitted for their teeth. Nowadays we have a range of options, including clear braces which are barely even noticeable and achieve the same great results. Don’t delay straightening your teeth out of fear or embarrassment, there are so many options available now within cosmetic dentistry  and there is bound to be something to suit your needs.

Why Get Braces?

Braces can make it easier for you to look after your teeth and gums. Caring for these areas properly will be very integral to your long term health and help to prevent future gum disease.

Many people want braces for cosmetic reasons, to look and feel better about themselves,but braces can improve so much more than just your smile. Fixing your teeth with braces can help you to eat more comfortably as it can help straighten your bite if it is uneven. The perfect excuse to eat out more and enjoy eating at all the amazing eateries we have in Kent. Braces help in so many ways!

What types of Braces are available?

As mentioned there are a range of different types of braces available to patients these days. There are retainer braces, which are worn overnight to align your teeth and are removable. At Staplehurst Dental Practice we use ceramic and plastic style braces as well as the traditional ‘train track’ style braces. These are just as effective as the traditional style but have the added bonus of being subtle and less noticeable than their metal counterparts. Your dentist will give you an assessment before treatment where you can decide what is the best method to move forward with for you. Why not book a consultation today and find out more about the great services we have to offer at Staplehurst Dental Practice.Why not pop down to our Kent practice to schedule an appointment or simply give us a call at a convenient time.

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Struggle with dentures in Kent? Dental implants could be the solution for you

Although dentures are still commonly used to replace problem teeth, we often hear that people are having issues with them. Despite looking ever more realistic and natural, they still appear to loosen the longer they are worn, which is obviously not ideal for those using them.

dental-implants-kentThe crux of this issue is that dentures are not connected to the root of your teeth and only replace broken or missing crowns. This means that for many using them, they can potentially come loose at any time.

Advances in technology have brought about the availability of dental implants for use where teeth are damaged or missing. Because implants replace teeth roots they are more comfortable, secure & longer lasting. Made from titanium, which is supports bone growth, they are placed directly in your jaw in a minor operation undertaken by our experienced implant dentist.

You don’t need to have your dentures completely removed to have implants, they can be adapted to rest securely on your dental implants. You can still remove them to be cleaned, besides that they will remain in place.

After a healing period to ensure your implants are perfectly secured in your jaw bone and able to support your teeth with the strength similar to your natural tooth roots, permanent new teeth can be attached.

Overall it is a very worthwhile and effective procedure and one which will stand the test of time. The teeth which replace your natural ones look aesthetically very similar to natural teeth and are incredibly strong and durable. Although it is still important that you maintain good oral health with implants and clean your teeth regularly so you can get the best out of them.

Kent dental implants

At Staplehurst Dental we offer a friendly and professional service with a range of treatments including teeth straightening & dental implants in Kent, where our practice is based. If you are interested in learning more about how dental implants can work for you, or how dental implants can improve your quality of life, we invite you to join us at our Kent practice for a consultation with an implant dentist.

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Looking for teeth whitening in Kent?

Teeth whitening is becoming increasingly popular these days as a way to make your teeth sparkling white,and can make your teeth literally shades whiter than they were before.

It is important to remember that teeth whitening should always be performed by a dental professional, you wouldn’t risk any other area of your health by using unregulated products or services and your oral health should be the same.

teeth-whitening-kentThe dangers of not using a dentist

A lot of salons that offer teeth whitening can have competitive pricing and make bold claims about how they can improve your smile, but if the procedure is carried out by a member of the salon staff rather than a qualified dentist it is not only dangerous but also illegal. For example, the mould that you put on which contains the bleach may not fit your teeth properly, in this case your gums could also get bleached and become painful and potentially blistered. With Home Kits purchased online or elsewhere, they may not have enough teeth whitening agent in them to really make any effective impact on your teeth, so it is always best to go to a professional where you can have peace of mind knowing that you are in safe hands.

How does it work?

In most cases the dentist will make a mould of your teeth to create a mouthguard. Within this mouthguard will be placed the bleaching agent. Then you will apply the bleaching gel and mouthguard at home often for a period of around 2 weeks and then come in for a final session with the dentist to debrief and make sure the treatment has been a success & you have brighter, shinier teeth.

What teeth whitening options are available?

At Staplehurst Dental Practice we offer 2 main options for teeth whitening, Kent-based patients can choose from either a simple and easy 14 day home teeth whitening system or a more premium option. Both provide long-lasting bright smiles.

If you are interested in getting teeth whitening in Kent,please contact our practice to arrange a consultation call, it’s quick and easy and we are a friendly & professional team.

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What are veneers?

Veneers are small porcelain shells that are affixed to the front of teeth to give a healthy and natural appearance.

porcelain-veneersIf you have chipped or damaged teeth, teeth that are not properly aligned or are discoloured and you are based near us in in Kent, veneers could be the option for you. At Staplehurst Dental Practice we treat people every day with these kinds of problems and the veneers we put in place are able to transform their appearance. They can mask discoloured teeth and can be matched to the shade of your original teeth so you would never know they were there.

They were first created in Hollywood to ensure that actors could have the best possible smiles for the screen, after all, looking good was paramount to the success of many films and many actors’ careers. These early versions of veneers were a quick fix and lacked longevity (often they wouldn’t last more than a few takes because they were held precariously in place by weak denture glue!)

Today’s veneers are a world away from these early versions. The trend for veneers quickly spread well beyond the studio plots of Hollywood and cosmetic dentists had a greater demand for more natural looking long lasting options, which they quickly set about creating. Modern veneers can last up to ten years or more with adequate care, and will be fixed in place with a specially designed, strong dental bonding agent…so no need to worry about them falling off between breakfast and lunch.

Kent veneers

Unlike other forms of cosmetic dentistry, you don’t need surgery to have veneers fitted. They can be added quickly and easily and provide instant results. They are a very popular option for this reason and also because they are very cost-effective for those on a budget.

Staplehurst Dental Practice offers a number of services, including veneers, in Kent. If you have any problems with discoloured, chipped or misaligned teeth, or feel self conscious about your oral health or the appearance of your teeth, then dental veneers could be the just the ticket to help you.Contact us and one of our friendly team will book you in for a consultation where we can discuss this treatment with you further.

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A guide to teeth straightening for adults

In the 21st Century, there is so much more to teeth straightening than just obvious metal “train-track” braces. Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent recognises the need for discretion when it comes to modern teeth straightening, particularly for adults. That’s why we are proud to offer several subtle options designed to give you that beautifully aligned set of teeth you’ve always dreamt of.

teeth-straighteningAn increasing number of adults are turning to teeth straightening later in life. It could be that you missed out on orthodontic treatment as a child, or that you had treatment only to lapse during the retention stage, meaning that your teeth shifted back out of position.

Whatever the cause of your orthodontic concerns, a teeth straightening consultation at our Kent dental practice can help. As well as being more discreet than traditional metal braces, many of the subtle appliances we use have greatly reduced treatment times, too.

Kent teeth straightening options

Modern teeth straightening treatment can involve the use of a fixed appliance – a brace – or a removable appliance – an aligner – to improve tooth positioning and alignment. We use both types of appliance at our Kent clinic, and your dentist will perform a thorough clinical examination to determine which will work best for you.

Depending on your clinical need, your Kent dentist may recommend:

Six Month Smiles

Braces are the familiar face of teeth straightening treatment, but Six Month Smiles are not like other braces. They are made from tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires and clear ceramic brackets, meaning that they will blend in with the natural colour of your teeth.

They work in an average of just six months because their main focus is on the front teeth – those that show when you smile. Because lower forces are used during treatment, it is more comfortable than traditional orthodontics, too.


Invisalign is a clear, removable aligner that fits snugly over your teeth. If your Kent dentist decides this is the best teeth straightening option for you, you will be prescribed a series of comfortable clear, removable aligners, which you change every fortnight as your teeth begin to move.

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Why choosing dental implants is an investment in your smile – and your future

Dental implants are the best long-term solution to tooth loss. At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent we offer a number of implant-based treatments, which our skilled dentist Dr Jan Einfeldt can use to replace everything from one to all of your natural teeth.

dental-implants-kentDr Einfeldt is an award-winning cosmetic dentist, who regularly teaches across Europe. He will ensure that your new teeth both look and act just like the real thing.

Benefits of dental implants

Whilst standard dental bridges and dentures replace the visible crowns of lost teeth, it is equally important to replace the roots. It is the tooth roots that keep our teeth secure and functional within our mouths, and also keeps our jaw bone both healthy and dense.

When several of the natural tooth roots are missing for any significant time period, your jaw bone begins to resorb or shrink. This is very common amongst people who wear standard dentures, and is the primary reason those dentures become loose.

By choosing dental implants at our Kent dental practice you can avoid all the common issues caused by badly-fitting dentures, including problems with:

  • Diet
  • Speech
  • Body image
  • Confidence

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are made out of titanium and are placed in direct contact with your jaw bone in a small operation, which usually only requires local anaesthetic at our Kent dental practice.

Once your implants are in place they start to integrate with the jaw bone over the next few months, providing a natural-like anchor for your new teeth. It takes approximately six months for the integration process to complete, during which time your Kent dentist may fit you with temporary teeth, or you may be able to continue wearing your old denture.

After your dental implants have been restored with new teeth, you will need to continue to visit our Kent dental practice regularly for aftercare, check-ups, and hygiene appointments. Just like natural plaque, your new teeth can gather a film of plaque, which can lead to gum disease and serious problems for your dental implants.

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Subtle teeth straightening: your treatment options

In this day and age, teeth straightening does not have to equate metal braces. At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent we offer a number of more discreet routes to better tooth alignment. These appliances are also more comfortable than traditional metal appliances.

teeth-straightening-kentHowever you choose to improve the alignment of your teeth, you will gain health as well as aesthetic benefits. When your teeth are in proper alignment, it is much easier to keep them clean. Reducing hard-to-reach areas where plaque and tartar can build up will cut your risk of both tooth decay and gum disease – leading causes of tooth loss – as long as you practice prudent dental hygiene visit your Kent dentist and hygienist regularly.

Kent teeth straightening choices

When you come into Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent for a teeth straightening consultation, your dentist will carry out a thorough clinical examination to help with treatment planning. Whether a fixed or a removable appliance is recommended, you can rest assured that it will be much more discreet than metal train-track braces.

Your Kent teeth straightening options include:

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are cosmetic braces that focus primarily on the front six teeth in the upper or lower jaw. At our Kent dental practice we have found that it is these teeth in the smile line that the majority of adult patients are concerned about.

Although these are fixed braces, they are very subtle. Comprising tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires and clear ceramic brackets, they blend in with the natural colour of your teeth. Because they use lower forces than standard braces, they make teeth straightening much more comfortable than ever before.


Treatment with Invisalign involves the use of a series of clear, removable aligners to progressively move your teeth. The number of aligners you will require will depend on the type and amount of correction required, and will be determined by your Kent dentist during your teeth straightening consultation.

As well as classic Invisalign, we also offer Invisalign i7 for mild, rapid correction, and Invisalign Teen, which is specifically designed for the teeth straightening needs of teenagers, and allows for the occasional lost aligner.

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Dental implants: how to enjoy life with your new teeth

Dental implants are an increasingly popular choice for replacing missing teeth. At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent we think that they are more often than not the best solution to tooth loss, because they provide unrivalled, natural-like function, help to preserve the health of your jaw bone, and recreate an aesthetically pleasing smile.

dental-implants-kentDr Jan Einfeldt, an award-winning cosmetic dentist, carries out the placement and restoration of dental implants at our Kent clinic. Implants can be used in conjunction with crowns, a bridge, or dentures to replace anything from one to all of your natural teeth.

Because they are in direct contact with your jaw bone, dental implants help to keep it healthy and strong. This is important both to ensuring your new teeth remain well-fitting and functional, and to preserving the structural integrity of your face so that you don’t end up looking old before your time.

Dental implants eliminate the problems caused with speaking, eating, and self-esteem caused by loose traditional dentures. They will remain stable and strong, enabling you to eat whatever you like, to speak, smile, and socialise with confidence.

Most patients at our Kent dental clinic require only local anaesthetic for the placement of dental implants. A healing period of a few months is required, after which your Kent dentist will attach your permanent new teeth.

Implant aftercare

As well as acting like natural teeth, dental implants require the same levels of oral hygiene as their natural counterparts. It’s not hard to take care of them, and your Kent dentist will provide you with full aftercare instructions.

Just like natural teeth, your new teeth can attract a build-up of plaque if you are not scrupulous in your dental hygiene. This can lead to gum infection, which can affect the stability of your dental implants if it is allowed to become serious.

You should clean your new teeth and implants at least twice a day, brushing them and flossing in between them like natural teeth. It’s also important that you attend regular check-ups with your Kent dentist, and visit they hygienist as often as recommended.

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Alternatives to metal braces for straightening adults’ teeth

Does the word “braces” make you quake with fear, picturing the obvious metal appliances worn by your peers at school? There is no need to panic: Kent clinic Staplehurst Dental Practice offers a number of subtler routes to straighter teeth, designed with discretion and comfort in mind.

metal-bracesAt our Kent dental practice we are keen to point out the additional benefits of teeth straightening, at any age, which you may not have thought about. Any type of orthodontic treatment, whether using braces or aligners, will improve your dental and general health as well as the appearance of your smile.

It is easier to clean your teeth when they are properly aligned. With fewer tricky gaps in which dental plaque can amass, you can reduce your risk of both dental decay and gum disease using braces or aligners. These are two leading causes of tooth loss, whilst gum disease has also been linked in numerous medical studies to a range of serious general health concerns, including heart and lung disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and low birth weight in babies whose mothers suffered from a severe form of this condition.

All of these problems are best avoided, and using either discreet braces or aligners to straighten your teeth can help. Of course, you will still need to visit the dentist and hygienist at our Kent dental practice, and be efficient in your home cleaning routine, too.

Kent braces and aligners

When you come into our Kent practice for a teeth straightening consultation, your dentist will carry out a thorough assessment to determine the best treatment to suit your needs.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces comprise clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, so they will blend in well with your teeth. They are designed for rapid correction of issues affecting the front teeth.


Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent offers a range of Invisalign teeth straightening options. The original Invisalign system uses a series of clear, removable aligners to correct a wide range of problems. Invisalign i7 is designed for fast, minor correction, whilst Invisalign Teen is designed with teenagers’ needs in mind, allowing for the occasional lost aligner.

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Are dental implants the best way to replace missing teeth?

Dental implants are an excellent solution to tooth loss. At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent, implants are our favoured solution to missing teeth, because they help to keep your jaw bone strong and healthy as well as keeping your new teeth firmly in your mouth.

kent-dental-implantsBone loss is a common side-effect of losing several or all of your natural teeth in one or both jaws. It is the principal reason that traditional dentures become loose, and it works like this: dentures only replace the crowns of the teeth, and without anything to replace the roots, the jaw bone will start to resorb. This in turn changes the fit of your dentures, making them awkward, uncomfortable, and even painful to use.

Loose dentures affect your ability to eat a nutritious diet, as you are often limited to soft foods or even liquids. They can make it difficult to speak clearly, and can have a devastating effect on your confidence, which can lead you to turn down social invitations from friends and family. This can be a particular problem for the over-75s, who are most likely to need dentures and often already suffer from social isolation and loneliness. However, it can affect anyone who has lost many or all of their natural teeth.

Dental implants are an effective solution and/or prevention for all of these problems, because they replace the tooth roots and encourage bone growth. Made from titanium, which actively supports the growth of new bone material, dental implants will preserve the health and density of your jaw bone.

Kent dental implants

At our Kent dental practice, most people only require local anaesthesia for the placement of dental implants. They are put in direct contact with your jaw bone here in the dentist’s chair at our Kent clinic, and will immediately start to integrate with your bone.

Temporary teeth may be fitted by your dentist during healing, and when it is complete you will be called back to our Kent dental clinic to have your permanent new teeth attached. This will give you back all the functionality of a healthy set of adult teeth.

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