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Staplehurst Dental Practice – Veneers

Veneers are a fast, efficient treatment that can hide discoloured, chipped or broken teeth. At our calming, friendly clinic in Kent, veneers are something we feel we can offer you with confidence.

Veneers are extremely thin shields of hand-crafted porcelain that are firmly bonded over your tooth, or teeth. Due to their almost translucent properties they look very natural and they can be colour-matched to your existing teeth to perfect the impression. If you are considering them, come to our practice in Kent, veneers will be something we are happy to talk to you about.

veneers-in-kentThe treatment process

There are three steps to our treatment process. Consultation and planning, preparation and fitting. We will guide you through the procedures and make sure that you know what is happening each step of the way.

Consultation and planning

The first step in practically every dental procedure is the consultation. Your dentist needs to look and see your teeth before they can make any recommendations. After all, would you trust a mechanic who gives you a quote by looking at your car’s bonnet? When they have all the details your dentist can then lay out a treatment plan and offer you any information you might need to make your decisions.


Everyone’s mouth is unique therefore every veneer is slightly different. Your dentist will take all the details they need to provide you with a bespoke solution. When they have the details your specific veneer can be made.


When the veneer is ready, you can come back to the practice for the fitting. Your dentist will clean your teeth and prepare the tooth to make a strong bond with the veneer. They will lay out the veneer and make sure everything is correct before bonding the porcelain to your tooth. It’s that simple.

What should I do if I want veneers?

Our experienced dentists will walk you through your treatment and listen to any concerns you may have. We are aware some people are nervous about coming to the dentist and we will take every step to make you comfortable. So, if you want dental veneers in Kent please contact us for a consultation or for more information. We want you to smile, especially when you see us, it gives us a chance to be proud of our work!

Posted on: November 24th, 2016 by Staplehurst Dental Practice