Six Month Smiles Clear Braces & Teeth Straightening

Teeth straightening without metal braces: your options

Modern braces don’t have to be made from metal, and can often straighten your teeth more quickly than you might expect. Some of the orthodontic options at Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent don’t even require you to wear a fixed brace at all. If you are interested in more discreet methods of teeth straightening, why not join us for a consultation?

teeth-straightening-kentTeeth straightening treatment at any age has many benefits, and we’re not just talking about the cosmetic gains to be had from improving the alignment of your teeth. Using braces or aligners can also reduce your risk of dental decay and gum disease by making your teeth easier to clean, can help to protect front teeth from accidental damage, and can seriously boost your confidence.

At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent, our orthodontic treatment is provided by Dr Jan Einfeldt, a leading cosmetic dentist who is only one of only 12 clinical instructors in the Six Month Smiles system of cosmetic braces in the world. Whatever your needs, Dr Einfeldt will find the perfect, customised solution to suit your individual needs.

Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces are just one of the discreet orthodontic options available at our Kent dental practice. This brace system is designed for rapid correction of mild to moderate aesthetic issues affecting the front six teeth – those that show when you smile.

Unlike standard braces, with Six Month Smiles you won’t have a mouth full of metal. Comprising tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires and clear ceramic brackets, Six Month Smiles are designed to blend in with the natural colour of your teeth. What’s more, they have average treatment times of just half a year.

For those who need more extensive correction, we also offer treatment with Invisalign clear aligners at our Kent dental practice. Unlike braces, Invisalign aligners are removable, meaning you can take them out to eat, drink, clean, and brush your teeth. This makes it easier to maintain dental hygiene for the duration of treatment.

Your dentist will prescribe you with the required number of aligners, which you change every two weeks as your teeth move. At the end of treatment you will need to wear a retainer.

Posted on: June 21st, 2016 by Staplehurst Dental Practice