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How dental implants can bring serious benefits to your health and wellbeing

There are more benefits to be gained from dental implants than just recreating an aesthetically appealing smile. At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent our implant dentist can replace one, some, or all of your natural teeth with the help of implants. This restores both your smile and full functionality to your jaw, eliminating many of the common problems experienced by standard denture-wearers.

dental-implants-kentWhether you have lost one tooth, all your teeth are missing or failing, or you are currently struggling with traditional dentures, we invite you to join us at our Kent dental practice to discover how dental implants could change your life for the better.

Dental implants: the health benefits

When many or all of the natural teeth are missing, it is common for the jaw bone to begin to resorb or shrink back. Standard dentures and bridges only replace the crowns of the teeth, not the roots, so won’t prevent this bone loss.

It is bone loss that is the primary cause of dentures becoming loose, which can negatively impact upon your ability to eat a healthy and varied diet (and thus to get proper nutrition, with potentially serious implications for your general health), can make it difficult to speak clearly, and can affect your social life if you are constantly anxious that your dentures could slip out.

A dental bridge is a common replacement for one or two missing teeth, and is a good way to restore much of those teeth’s function. However, a standard bridge requires crowns or wings to be placed on the adjacent teeth, meaning those teeth need to be strong and healthy, and free from big fillings. Those teeth can also be weakened by crown placement.

Implant-retained bridges need no work on surrounding teeth, using your dental implants for support.

At our Kent dental practice, we can sometimes place new teeth at the same time as your dental implants, whilst in other cases a healing period is needed.

Come to our Kent clinic for an implant consultation and you could soon enjoy:

Posted on: June 30th, 2016 by Staplehurst Dental Practice