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Get the million dollar smile you’ve always wanted!

The perfect smile – created just for you

Just like people no two smile makeovers are exactly the same. That’s why our comprehensive treatment programme is created exclusively for you and you alone.

For some people getting the perfect smile may just involve having your teeth whitened whilst for another an element of straightening may also be needed.  Whatever the level of intervention is required Staplehurst Dental Practice will provide you with exactly what you need.

Digital Smile Imaging

The first and most important step in your makeover process is to assess your needs, understand your requirements and create a treatment plan designed to give you the smile you always wanted.





A first impression of what your smile could look like is through Digital Smile Imaging. This innovative, completely painless and non-invasive procedure simply involves taking a photograph of your teeth. Through electronic image manipulation you’ll be able to customise your own smile to produce a look which is perfect – all without your teeth being touched in any way!

The next step is to create a real 3D version of your new smile, which you can actually see in your mouth. This will make it very real for you. At this stage everything is still 100 % reversible and your teeth are not changed,

The smile makeover: Veneers

Porcelain veneers are an excellent way to achieve dramatic changes to the shape, colour, outline and surface texture of your current teeth. This thin, yet strong material is also perfect for replacing lost tooth structure or giving the impression of straightening. There are even ultra-thin and ‘no-prep’ veneers available.






Mock Up


Trial Smile


New Smile



Your easy 5 step smile makeover plan

  1. FREE consultation and assessment
  2. Smile Makeover preview using Digital Smile Imaging (optional)
  3.  3-D build-ups
  4. Creation of your fully wearable ‘Trial smile’. This fits easily to your existing teeth and allows you to see what you new teeth will look and perform like
  5. The final veneers are made and applied – Giving your smile the final sparkle and long lasting results you wanted!

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