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splint therapy

Splint Therapy

What is TMJ disorder therapy?

TMJ (also known as the Temporal Mandibular Joint) disorder therapy is the treatment of resulting symptoms which can be painful and cause tension and an imbalance of the way the teeth bite together. Long term, this can have a negative impact on health leading to discomfort of the jaw joints and muscles. The pressure of malocclusion (misaligned bite) can cause wear to the teeth over a period of time, increasing the risk of tooth fracture.

What are the benefits of using a splint?

At Staplehurst Dental Practice, we can alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of TMJ disorder, teeth grinding and tooth wear by providing a custom made splint, reducing the need for more extensive and expensive dental treatment in the long term.

Sometimes these are referred to as ‘night guards’, but a well adjusted splint is much more than that and requires very careful fitting and adjusting by an experienced dentist. Incorrectly fitted splints can cause damage and harm.

Are you a candidate for splint therapy treatment?

If any of the following relates to you, you may be a candidate for Splint Therapy Treatment at Staplehurst Dental Practice:

  • Do you wake with tender jaw joints or muscles of the jaw, neck or shoulders?
  • Do you experience “popping” or “clicking” when opening or closing your mouth?
  • You don’t feel as refreshed as you should after a good night’s sleep
  • You grind your teeth, or you’re told by others that you do
  • Experience frequent headaches
  • Have had dental treatment and wish to protect your investment from tooth wear
  • Are aware your teeth are weak due to wear and tear

If you feel you would benefit from this type of treatment and would like a free consultation, call a member of our team and invest in a life long smile!

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