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Dental Implants Kent


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Dental implants replace missing teeth caused by trauma, decay or gum disease. Implants can also treat other oral issues such as falling teeth and loose, uncomfortable dentures. Because of its durability and effectiveness, dental implants may boost the confidence of patients, especially during eating, speaking and smiling in public.

Many patients are nervous of dental implants because of the thorough surgery it requires. The procedure, however, can be painless with oral sedation. The treatment works by fitting an artificial tooth root into the jaw, which strongly holds the implant. Dental implants look and work just like natural teeth, which makes it beneficial for many patients.

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Jan Einfeldt

Dr Jan Einfeldt
GDC No. 72737

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Dental Implants from Staplehurst Dental Practice
Staplehurst Dental Practice offers

dental implants in Kent,

England. We are one of the most trusted practices in the United Kingdom that offers general and cosmetic dentistry. Our dentist, Dr Jan Einfeldt, is an award-winning cosmetic dentist that teaches in different parts of Europe.

Our practice provides safe and effective dental implants that patients can enjoy for many years. The procedure entails a comprehensive dental check-up, which will look into the patients’ remaining teeth and existing oral issues. Patients can opt for a single treatment or receive a full set of dental implants. Our experienced and highly skilled implantologists will make sure that you are fully suitable for treatment by providing a tailor-made plan that considers the long-term goals of your smile.

Dental Implants Kent

Premium Dental Services
Staplehurst Dental Practice is committed to providing quality dental care to patients of all ages. Apart from providing comfort and care, our dental implants are also affordable. We provide a zero percent finance on a range of treatments and accept a selection of dental plans. This way, our patients can achieve beautiful smiles without having to spend lots of money. We also offer online appointments, which mean that our patients can book our practice anytime.

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dental implants in Kent,

This lady found the whole experience of coming to the dentist a pleasure, from the friendly and helpful staff and confidence in Dr Jan Einfeldt's knowledge. He has a reassuring manor while you are in the chair, along with great technology and equipment, I can safely say that I don't fear coming to the dentist and I know my teeth are in safe hands and I am receiving top quality treatment. pleasurable experience with great technology and equipment used at Staplehurst Dental Practice Staple Hurst

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Bev tells her emotional story about how she lost her teeth and confidence due to gum disease (periodontitis or periodontal disease). Watch her explain her journey to get a full set of fixed strong teeth again at Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent. She even tells how it was made affordable and how comfortable and gentle the procedure was for her.


“It was amazing nothing ever hurt”

“Very interesting, I used to love telling people about the progress”

“Now, I can just do everything!”

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