Six Month Smiles Clear Braces & Teeth Straightening


Veneers: a fast, effective way to illuminate your smile

Veneers are ultra-thin shells of porcelain, hand-crafted to fit your teeth precisely. At Kent’s Steplehurst Dental Practice, our cosmetic dentists often recommend using them as part of a smile makeover.

Porcelain veneers are a great way for your dentist to provide striking changes and improvements to the shape, colour, outline, and surface texture of your natural teeth, with minimal preparation and little work needed on existing tooth structure. Some types of veneer require no preparatory work at all. Your clinician can also use them to repair cracveneersks and chips in the tooth surface, or achieve a straighter look without the need for orthodontic treatment.

At our Kent practice we use the latest digital smile design technology to enable you dentist to show you what results to expect before starting treatment, helping that you are entirely happy with what your new smile will look like.

If you are interested in a smile makeover with porcelain veneers, we invite you to join us for a consultation with a cosmetic dentist at our Kent clinic. Your practitioner will examine your teeth and gums and will discuss the various treatment options available to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Should you both agree that veneers are the best option, your dentist will prepare your teeth by removing a very thin piece of enamel under local anaesthetic. Each veneer will be prepared to the exact same thickness as the amount of enamel removed, so the results will look completely natural. The only exception is if you have a cracked or chipped teeth, in which case that veneer will be made thicker to cover the cracked area.

After two or three weeks your veneers will be ready, and your clinician will check that you are entirely happy with how they look and feel before attaching them with a firm bonding agent.

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Cosmetic braces and aligners: a 21st Century option for straightening teeth

Braces remain, in many cases, the best way for your dentist or orthodontist to straighten your teeth, because they give maximum control over each tooth’s movement. However, at Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent we know that a lot of patients feel self-conscious about wearing obvious metal appliances for upwards of two years – which is why we have some more discreet options on offer.

cosmetic bracesThe highly-skilled orthodontic team at our Kent dental practice can use either tooth-coloured braces or clear aligners to adjust the position of your teeth. Some appliances are more suited to cosmetic correction, whilst others can be used to treat more severe orthodontic problems.

When you come into our Kent clinic for an orthodontic consultation, your orthodontist will carefully examine your teeth and your bite (the way that your jaws meet together) and will listen to what you want to achieve from treatment before running through the pros and cons of all appropriate options to get you there.

At Staplehurst Dental Practice the orthodontic options on offer include:

Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces

Whilst these are braces, they are not obvious metal contraptions. Comprising tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires and clear brackets, Six Month Smiles are designed for aesthetic orthodontic correction. They blend in with the natural shade of your teeth so are not immediately noticeable, and work so fast because they focus on the front teeth – those that show when you smile.

Invisalign clear aligners

These clear, removable aligners are a viable alternative to braces for many mild to moderate orthodontic conditions. Treatment involves using a series of custom-made aligners that have been specially designed to fit snugly over your teeth. You change your aligner every fortnight as your teeth begin to move. The number of aligners and the length of your treatment will depend on the type and amount of correction required.

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Teeth straightening options without the metal braces

In the modern world, teeth straightening need not involve having a mouth full of metal. Whilst braces remain, in many cases, the best way to straighten teeth, at Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent we appreciate that many patients – particularly adults in need of teeth straightening – are put off by the thought of traditional orthodontic devices to the point where they fail to seek treatment.

teeth straighteningWe also think that everybody deserves a smile of which they can be proud, and we know that straighter teeth are healthier teeth because they are easier to clean. For that reason, we offer a number of discreet teeth straightening treatments at our Kent dental clinic.

Teeth straightening can be achieved using braces or aligners. When you come for an orthodontic consultation at our Kent dental practice, your orthodontist will carefully examine you and will find out a little bit about your smile wishes and your lifestyle, so that they can recommend the most appropriate course of treatment.

Among the teeth straightening options at Staplehurst Dental Practice, Kent, are:

Six Month Smiles

These cosmetic braces have an average treatment time of just six months, and work so quickly because they focus on the front teeth – those that are on show when you flash a smile. They are made up of clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, meaning they blend in with your teeth.


Invisalign comprises a series of clear, removable aligners that fit comfortably over your teeth and gently guide them into a new position. As well as regular Invisalign aligners, we offer both Invisalign Teen (specifically designed for younger teenagers) and Invisalign i7 (suitable for quicker, milder correction) at our Kent dental clinic. You change your aligners on a regular basis as your teeth start to move, and you will need to wear a retainer at the end of treatment.

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How dental implants are changing the lives of patients with missing teeth

Dental implants are one of the greatest advances in the world of dentistry in the past 30 years. At Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent our skilled implant surgeons can replace one, several, or all of your natural teeth with implants – restoring not just your confidence to smile, but also the full functionality of a set of natural teeth.

Why missing teeth should be replaced

dental implantsPeople lose teeth for many reasons – accident, injury, tooth decay and gum disease. Whatever the reason for losing one or more teeth, a dentist will always recommend that you replace them. This is because any remaining teeth may move, tip or tilt into any gaps, affecting your bite and your ability to speak and eat. Additional strain is also placed on remaining teeth when you bite and chew.

If you lose several teeth you are also likely to experience bone loss, which happens because the jaw bone starts to resorb without the tooth roots in place. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that help to prevent bone loss. They are also the only permanent way for a dentist to replace your missing teeth.

How dental implants work

Dental implants are small titanium screws that your dentist places in your jaw bone in a small operation, which is carried out here at our Kent practice. They form a strong bond with the jaw bone and promote bone growth, providing a firm anchor for you new teeth – crowns, bridges or dentures.

Sometimes, we can fit your new teeth at the same time as your implants in a procedure known as All-on-4. In other cases, a healing period will be required, during which your implants integrate with your bone. At the end of this period you will be called back to our Kent clinic to have your new teeth fitted.

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